Pastoral Plan 2022-2025

Throughout the month of February 2022, our new 3-Year Pastoral Plan was presented to parishioners through a series of virtual Town Halls.

Almost 200 parishioners participated in 3 English speaking town hall sessions (including one with an interpreter for our deaf community members), a children’s session, and a French session.

Scroll down to learn about what we shared and what we heard from you.

Watch the Videos

Pastoral Plan Overview

At the Town Halls, video presentations provided an overview of the broad pastoral plan developed by the Pastoral Council; identified the parish vision, mission, commitment; defined the five pastoral systems through which work will be organized; and named 10 strategic focus areas for the pastoral systems.

Five Systems Action Plans

Leaders for each of the pastoral systems then described the actions that will be undertaken to achieve each strategic focus area.

Plan Pastoral & Le Plan D’Action (French)

Here’s What We Heard from You…

Parishioners were broken into small groups and invited to discuss three questions:
• What excites me about these strategic focus areas?
• What fears do I have about these strategic focus areas?
• How can I contribute to these strategic focus areas?

Responses from 28 small groups were recorded and submitted to the organizers. These responses will be used to continue to shape the actions of the parish and the Pastoral Team plans.

In the following document, read a summary of feedback compiled by our Pastoral Council Chair Sandy Graves, or click here to download a copy of the raw feedback responses.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

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