For cybersecurity reasons, we have spelled out the email addresses of all our staff. Please replace the word “at” with an @ symbol and remove spaces when emailing. Thank you!

In recent days, several of our clergy, including Fr. Toochukwu, have had their names used in email phishing schemes. In almost all instances the emailer is asking for help in the form of money transfers or gift cards. One way to determine the validity of a suspect email is to check the email address used to send the email. If the address is not familiar to you, odds are it is not a message from the sender named in the email.

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Our Priests & Deacons

Fr. Toochukwu Okafor (Pastor)

Fr. Patrick Salah (Associate Pastor)

frpatrick.ctkdartmouth at (please replace”at” with @)

Please use our Contact Form to reach one of our priests with non-urgent matters; for sacramental or pastoral emergencies, call 902-435-2500 x7.

Dan MacDonald

Email: macd1950 at (please replace “at” with @)

Larry Worthen

Email: larryworthen “at” (please replace “at” with @)

Our Staff & Key Leaders

Henrietta MacNeil

Office Manager
Email: ChristTheKingOffice at (please replace “at” with @)

Theresa Astle

Becca O’Hara on maternity leave to April 2023

Discipleship Coordinator
Email: discipleship.ctkdartmouth at (please replace “at” with @)

Yvette Warner

Becca O’Hara on maternity leave to April 2023

Alpha Coordinator
Email: alpha.ctkdartmouth at (please replace “at” with @)

Matt Vaughn (Temporary)

Anna Darcie on maternity leave to Dec 2022

Communications Coordinator
Email: communication.ctkdartmouth at (please replace “at” with @)

Chris Yetman

Finance Manager
Email: chris.ctkdartmouth at (please replace “at” with @)

Robert Macdonald

Interim Operations Team Lead
Email: macdonaldrj at (please replace “at” with @)

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