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Our Priests & Deacons

Fr. Toochukwu Okafor


Fr. Patrick Salah (Associate Pastor)

Associate Pastor —

Deacon Dan MacDonald

Deacon —

Deacon Larry Worthen

Deacon —

Please use our Contact Form to reach one of our priests with non-urgent matters; for sacramental or pastoral emergencies, call 902-435-2500 x7.

Our Staff & Key Leaders

Henrietta MacNeil

Office Manager —

Theresa Astle

Becca O’Hara on maternity leave until April 2023

Discipleship Coordinator —

Yvette Warner

Becca O’Hara on maternity leave to April 2023

Alpha Coordinator —

Ana Darcie

Communications Coordinator —

Chris Yetman

Finance Manager —

Robert Macdonald

Interim Operations Team Lead —

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