Got big questions about life?
Try Alpha.

Alpha is a place to explore life, meaning, and the Christian faith in a friendly and informal environment. There’s no question or doubt that’s off-limits for discussion — it’s just a place to have honest conversations about God and life.

Ready to have meaningful conversations about the big questions of life while meeting new people and having fun? Alpha is an 11-week experience where we watch an engaging video, have a home-cooked meal, and enter into discussion for a chance to ask questions and share ideas and experiences. Each evening lasts about 75 min. There’s no cost to join.

All are welcome at Alpha! If you are new to the neighborhood, Alpha is a great way to connect and meet people. If you are exploring faith or have questions about life and the Christian faith, then Alpha might be for you. No previous experience of religion required. If it is not for you, there is no pressure to return.

The next Alpha Course will begin in September 2023. Registration will open mid-summer. Stay tuned!

WHEN: Thursdays from 6:30–9:00 pm (exact dates TBD)
WHERE: Please join us in the Hall of St. Vincent de Paul Church (320 Flying Cloud Drive, Dartmouth)

What are people saying about Alpha?

“I enjoyed the supportive, non-judgmental and thought-provoking sessions. I also appreciated that Alpha was all inclusive… regardless of religious beliefs and practices. Everyone was welcome to attend. In small groups, I discovered I was not so different than anyone else there. No one had ALL the answers. We were all seeking.”

“During prayer and song, as the Holy Spirit was invoked, I gradually felt my anxieties lessen and then disappear. I felt a warm wave of overwhelming peace and calm, and I couldn’t help but smile.”

“I am, without doubt, a much happier person now that I am on the right journey.”

Alpha gave me a connection. In fact, it changed my life. By asking the Holy Spirit into my heart, Jesus turned my pain and anguish into peace and healing.”

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Still curious?

Check out this sneak peek of the Alpha video series.

If you have questions or want to talk to someone first, just reach out. We’d love to talk to you.

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