About Us

We are a multi-cultural Catholic parish that was created in 2019 at the request of Archbishop Anthony Mancini as part of the “New Parishes: Stronger Together” initiative.

Who Are We? Christ the King Parish

Under the banner of Jesus Christ our King, we desire to encounter Christ in a personal way, joyfully share His love in our community, and go make disciples of our friends and loved ones.

Christ the King isn’t just a name change; we are a new parish, made up of the former St. Thomas More, St. Vincent de Paul, and La Mission la Sainte Famille communities.

A Community of Communities

St Thomas More Community

Located at 15 Caledonia Road, the St. Thomas More community began in the 1950’s as a mission of St. Peter’s Church in Dartmouth before becoming a distinct parish in 1961. The parish community grew with the Caledonia area neighbourhood and can claim many families who have attended their entire lives. The parish is also home to a large African Mass Community, which has celebrated Masses on the first Sunday of the month since 2017.

St. Vincent de Paul Community

Located at 320 Flying Cloud Drive, this faith community celebrated its first Mass in 1986. Since then, the Stewardship Centre was built to accommodate the growing ministries of the parish. Today, many ministries and dedicated volunteers make up the heart of the community.

La Mission la Sainte Famille

In 2019, Archbishop Mancini designated La Mission la Sainte Famille as a French mission (an organized effort of a parish of outreach and service to a particular group) of Christ the King Parish. To learn more about the French community, please visit our La Mission website.

We treasure the history and heritage that each of these three communities has brought into our new parish family. Though change isn’t easy, we believe that we are better resourced and prepared to share the love of Jesus with our Dartmouth community as a result of this transition!

How Did We Get Here?
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