Finance Council

The purpose of the Finance Council is to assist the Pastor and support him in the administration and planning of business and financial affairs of the parish in accordance with Canon Law.  (Cc. 1280)

Finance Council team at Christ the King Parish:

  • Father Toochukwu – Pastor 
  • Robert MacDonald – Chair
  • Chris Yetman – Financial Manager
  • Ella Brown – Member
  • George Mbamalu – African Community Member
  • Mathieu Mallet – French Community Member
  • Sharalyn Young – Secretary


The Finance Council is responsible to the Pastor.


 1. to oversee the business and financial affairs of the parish

 2. to provide advice on administrative matters regarding the utilization of the financial and physical resources of the parish

 3. to prepare the annual budget of the parish in consultation with the Pastoral Council that will assist in achieving the mission of the parish

 4. to give oversight to expenditures in accordance with the budget and the financial policies and procedures of the parish

 5. to review the financial status of the parish and make recommendations to the Pastor and Pastoral Council

 6. to provide advice and assistance on specific matters referred to it

 7. to work closely with the appropriate staff of the Parish so that the development and implementation of programs respond to the goals, objectives and priorities set forth by the Pastor and Pastoral Council

 8. to develop a 5-year financial plan (updated each year) to enable/support the parish to achieve its pastoral planning goals

 9. to perform any other duties, as from time to time are agreed upon

10. to supervise and coordinate with the Fundraising Council to generate additional revenue for the parish

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