Baptism Preparation

Thank you for bringing your child to Christ the King Parish/Paroisse Christ-Roi for baptism! We’re glad to bring your child into the family of the Catholic Church. To have your child baptized:

  1. Submit Info: Fill out the information form below.
  2. Meet with Our Pastor: The parish will contact you to find a time for you to meet with one of our parish priests, Fr. Toochukwu or Fr. Anthony, to discuss the baptismal preparation process.
  3. Complete Baptism Preparation Class(es): Parents must complete this class before the child’s baptism. We will contact you about some potential dates and times and one of our baptism prep leaders will go through the class with you. We invite and encourage Godparents to attend the class(es) with the parents.
  4. Baptism: Baptisms are ordinarily held on the last Sunday of the month during one of our Masses. DURING CORONAVIRUS: Baptisms will be scheduled at a time other than Sunday Mass to provide a safe and healthy way for families to gather in greater numbers.

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