Baptism Preparation

Welcome to the Christ the King Family, we are excited to welcome your son/daughter into the family of God!

  1. Registration. If not already registered, we require families to register at Christ the King before their child is baptized – click here to register. (Unless there are extenuating circumstances)
  2. Submit information. Fill out child information form.
  3. Meet the baptism team. The Baptism preparation coordinators will contact you and organize a time for baptism preparation with a prep team at a mutually acceptable time. Parents must complete this preparation. The baptism date will be coordinated by your prep team.

Baptisms are scheduled during Weekend Masses so that our whole community can join you in welcoming your child into the Church.

If you want to join the team and help us out with the Preparation of the Sacrament, please contact khrystynaa @

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