Connect Groups

Are you ready to join a community of friends who can help you follow Jesus?

Connect Groups are about community, they are places where we can find Christian friendship, support and pastoral care. They are a place where we can build a strong sense of unity, trust and confidence in our ability to share how God has worked in our lives.

What are people saying about Connect Groups?

“After trying Alpha and Morning Prayer on Zoom, I realized how much I enjoyed meeting and getting to know the people in my parish and others. For so many years I would go to Mass on Sundays, see familiar faces, smile, say hello, acknowledge them, many of whom I didn’t even know their names, I would pray for them as fellow parishioners but not really knowing them or they knowing me. After joining the Connect group on Thursday mornings, every other week, I realized what a blessing this was for me to get to know these wonderful people in the parish. Through our small groups and sharing we are learning and caring about each other on a more personal level, my parish community really is becoming an extension of my family and friends. We can all use this.”
— Wendy

“I very much enjoyed Alpha, the devotion, the praying, the friendship, and the presence of the Holy Spirit so I wondered what was next in my journey when Alpha ended. I heard good things about Connect and that it was a great way to continue to build your relationship with our Lord.  I was hesitant to put myself out there. Earlier this year, I was reminded of Philip’s message in the passage, John 1: 46 and specifically the words “come and See”.  This message was for me. I opted to attend a meeting in January and I was struck by the devotion, the deep caring for each other and the faithfulness of the group.  I continue to attend and very much look forward to our bi-weekly meetings.”
— Robert

Our Connect Groups

Every other Wednesday, 7:30 – 8:30 pm
Meet virtually via Zoom

Over 65

Every other Thursday, 10:00 – 11:00 am
Meet virtually via Zoom

Groupe Vie Francophone

La croissance de sa foi dans un environnement de camaraderie, d’apprentissage et de prière. {Social, Croissance et Discussion, méditation et prières}

Le GVF se rencontrere pour 1 heure, tous les mercredis soirs sur Zoom a partir de 7:00 PM.

Zoom ID: 878 5691 5452

Ready to join us?

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