Your tool-box

This current series of 3 Sunday homilies is called R you Ready because it is intended to help us get ready. Get ready for what? We never know! Today we will look at the tool-box that God gave us in order to be truly ready and equipped for the next step in life. We mayContinue reading “Your tool-box”

Under the Hood

October 28, 2020 By Darlene Bonang What are we working on and what’s going well?  Staff have reorganized into 3 teams: Pastoral (which is Mission), Operations (provides resources to support the Mission) and the Clergy (doing clergy stuff). Here’s a little more information about the various teams: Pastoral Team – led by Fr. Anthony haveContinue reading “Under the Hood”

J.O.Y. Week

Dear parishioners and staff, Over the weeks of October we have been looking at how to build a stable life. We recognized that the Corona experience caused many of us to feel unstable and so we turned to the Gospel to show us how to build stability. So let’s re-cap the four key elements –Continue reading “J.O.Y. Week”

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