Praying with Music

Praying with music can help facilitate a powerful encounter with God. That’s why we have music at Weekend Masses and at so many of our faith formation events.

Here are some of our favourite songs that you can use for your own personal prayer.

Contemporary Music

Christian artists worldwide are composing songs of worship that often encompass our modern experience of God and express this in heartfelt praise. The song above, So Will I, praises God, the Creator of the Universe.

Traditional Music

The Catholic Church has an ancient tradition of music dating back thousands of years. Listening to ancient sacred music can be a unique way to meditate on the holiness of God. The Latin hymn above, Pange Lingua Gloriosi, is nearly 800 years old and reflects on the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross.

The Rosary

Have you ever tried to sing traditional prayers? Music, such as the Sung Rosary above, can help us contemplate the mysteries and words of these prayers even more deeply.

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