Registration is Open for the Following Weekend:

Mar 6&7 (New Schedule)

Public Masses are resuming at Christ the King following strict health and safety guidelines from the Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth, made in consultation with Dr. Robert Strang.

  • Plan to Attend Mass Every Other Week — In our recent survey to the community, nearly 400 people indicated that they were ready to return to Masses weekly, but we can’t accommodate that number of people on a weekly basis into our buildings while maintaining a 2m social distance. You are kindly asked, as a matter of charity toward the rest of our congregation, to register to attend Mass every other week only until social distancing requirements change.
  • Please Register by Friday at 12pm Noon —  If there are still spaces available for the upcoming weekend on Friday morning, you’re welcome to register for those spots even if you attended Mass last week.
  • Our Mass Schedule — Please arrive 20 minutes early for check-in.
    • 4:00 pm Saturday at St. Thomas More
    • 8:30 am Sundays at St. Vincent de Paul
    • 10:00 am Sundays at St. Thomas More
    • 11:30 am Sundays at St. Vincent de Paul (Church or Overflow Room – please note: the Overflow Room will join by watching the projected the live stream Mass coming from the Church; by attending you will be able to receive Holy Communion)
    • 2pm La Messe en français à tous les dimanches à l’église Saint-Vincent-de-Paul
    • 3:00 pm African Mass at St. Thomas More Church—First Sunday of the month. CLICK HERE to register!
  • Plan to Wear a Mask — All members of the congregation over the age of 2 are asked to bring and wear a mask, unless a health condition prevents you from doing so.
  • You Must Register in Advance — Due to extremely limited space, due to extremely limited space there may not be a seat available for walk-ins.
  • How to Register — Every Monday at 11:00 am, you may register for either of the upcoming two weekends. Please ensure that you register only once per household. Registration is on a first come, first served basis. A link to register will be emailed to our list (join our email list here) or you can check the website. Once you’ve registered, you will receive email confirmation.
    • Online (preferred) — Registration Link will be emailed out Mondays at 11am
    • By Phone (for those with no internet access) — Beginning each Monday at 11am, you may call 902-435-2500 to register for Mass for either of the upcoming two weekends.
  • How to cancel registration or edit the number of attendees — If you change your mind, and will not attend the Mass you registered for, we kindly ask you to CANCEL your registration by using the same email confirmation you received. If you just want to change the number of attendees on your group, you may also follow the instructions by using the same email confirmation you received.
  • COVID Health Guidelines — To read the guidelines that will be in effect during Mass, CLICK HERE.

You’ll notice some differences…
(1) You will be asked to complete a COVID Health Screening upon entry to the building, and to sanitize your hands before entering the sanctuary.
(2) Social distancing will be observed (other than families, all members of the congregation are to remain 2m apart at all times)
(3) You will be asked to wear a mask while in the building, unless your health precludes you from doing so.
(4) Our attendance is limited, based on how many people can be accommodated a 2m distance at each site. Most Masses will have between 40-60 members of the congregation.
(5) No physical contact (including the sign of peace, hugs, etc)
(6) Archbishop Mancini has requested that the faithful receive Holy Communion in the hand only at this time.

We are obliged by our insurance company, by the Archdiocese, and by good conscience to take these health and safety precautions very seriously. We ask for your full cooperation and support.

“Sunday Obligation” to Attend Mass Still Suspended
Please note: Though public Masses will be offered, there will still be no “Sunday obligation” for Catholics to attend Mass until further notice, as this has been suspended by our Archbishop during the pandemic. If you feel that it is unwise to return to Masses for health or safety reasons, please stay home and join us on Live Stream (see below for more information).

Thank you for your patience as we prepare for your safe return! We can’t wait to see you again!

Live Stream Mass
Every Sunday at 11:30 am

Live Stream Mass in English from Christ the King will also be offered while we are facing limited capacity so you can join us virtually, if not in person!

Join us Sundays at 11:15 am. Click below to see how you can join us on Facebook Live or YouTube Live.

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