Our COVID-19 Response

During this COVID-19 Crisis, the material, emotional, and spiritual health of our community is our top priority. Offices are closed to the public, and all on-site Masses, events, and meetings have been cancelled until further notice. The buildings are closed, but our Church family is not closed—join us online for support and growth.

We are here to support you.

Stay Home!
Basic Needs Support

To receive foodstuffs and financial support for your basic needs from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, please call one of our support lines and leave a message:

If you’re in Dartmouth,
call 902-424-4190 x 228

If you’re in Cole Harbour,
call 902-435-2500 x4

Stay Holy!
Spiritual Support

We have spiritual resources, available completely online, to help you grow in your faith at home during self-isolation.

You can also watch Mass online in English or French. Click below to see more options.

Stay Happy!

We have parishioners who would love to call you, just to talk. To receive an emotional support call, send us a message using our Contact Form online.

I believe that this is a moment for us to reflect on what it means to be a Christian and a member of a parish family. Is Church the building where we worship, or is it the people of God?

Fr. Toochuwku Okafor, Pastor

Parish Updates:

Buildings are Closed (March 23) — All on-site events, meetings, gatherings for prayer, and Masses are cancelled. This includes the Daily Rosary, open Church hours, Adoration, etc. Both our buildings (St. Thomas More, 15 Caledonia Drive & St. Vincent de Paul, 320 Flying Cloud Drive) are closed to the public until further notice. Our Offices are closed to the public, so please contact our staff via phone or email.

Phishing Email Scam (March 22) — Please be aware of fake email accounts using names of some of priests in our Archdiocese (including Fr. Toochukwu) asking for a favour or gift cards. Please do not respond to the sender as our priests would never ask for money in this way. 

Mass Intentions (March 21) — Although public Masses have been cancelled, priests will continue to say private Masses and will pray for your intentions.

 This is a call to return to the origins of Christianity, to become once again like the early disciples of Christ who gathered in their homes to share the word of God, to sing and to pray. They loved and cared for one another such that no one was in need. It was that witness of faith that made people say, “See how much they love each other”. And more people joined their assembly and the Church grew in number and in faith.

Fr. Toochuwku Okafor, Pastor

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