2 thoughts on “Message & Prayer

  1. Thank you so much Father T . That beautiful prayer and tribute to all Mother’s was so very special . It will be extra special to those Mom’s who may not have anyone to remember them today or for those who have lost their Mom . We know we can have peace knowing that Our Blessed Mother walks with us always .
    God bless you Father for your unending kindness . I pray that your Mom will have a wonderful Mother’s Day as well .

    I pray also that everyone stay safe and healthy during these very difficult Covid times . Pray also for all health care workers who put themselves in danger in caring for the public . In God we place our trust .

    Fr. T , please remember in you prayers also . one of our very special parishioners Jean Joudrey who passed away this past week .Jean was a member of our St . Thomas Moore , Dartmouth General spiritual care team for many years . She will be missed .
    Have a wonderful day, stay safe and of course “ Be Happy “ !!!


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