Your tool-box

This current series of 3 Sunday homilies is called R you Ready because it is intended to help us get ready. Get ready for what? We never know! Today we will look at the tool-box that God gave us in order to be truly ready and equipped for the next step in life. We may not be as concerned with his imminent return as the community of Matthew. But there is still a kind of return that really should be of great interest to us.

God has given us great gifts. He has invested in us…and he does expect – and deserve – a good return on his investment. The main message is that failure to invest is worse than risking the investment. He expects a return on his investment not a return to sender.

So how well are you growing God’s investment in you? Are you even aware that he has invested in you? Do you truly believe it? Or do you suspect that the person plagued with the weaknesses you carry couldn’t possibly be the same person God would bless and invest in?

Take a moment and think about this

Think of something you want to improve about yourself. How would you categorize the thing you chose: Is it a strength or a weakness? I bet most of you went for a weakness!

And yet countless studies – and experience – show that the fastest way to improve or grow is by developing your strengths. Think about it. If you are made in God’s image, where is that image reflected? In your strengths or in your weaknesses? Which of the two is a blessing from him: your strengths or your weaknesses? True, it helps to know your weaknesses so that at least you can manage them and not drive those around you crazy. It’s normal to try to fix that side of you. But fixing your weak spots is different from fixating on them. How about instead we each focused on our strengths? How about we get really great at what we are really good at. Instead of working hard to be average at what you’re bad at.

God really expects a return on his investment. You matter to him and he has equipped you for life. And we – those around you  – need you to be ready. Yes you. In your unique way. The strengths God has blessed you with are unique. He actually gave you a unique tool box.

What great good news we have today! So let’s get ready. Let’s double down on the gifts God gave us. If our gifts are buried somewhere deep let’s find the right tool to dig it up and start investing them and growing them so we be great for others and give God a great return.

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