J.O.Y. Week

Dear parishioners and staff,

Over the weeks of October we have been looking at how to build a stable life. We recognized that the Corona experience caused many of us to feel unstable and so we turned to the Gospel to show us how to build stability.

So let’s re-cap the four key elements – or building blocks – that are essential for building a stable life before we reflect on the final one. The first is the cornerstone, the second is the plan, and then building on level ground. We heard how Jesus is the only cornerstone worth having, how we are called to follow God’s plan and the importance of balance in our life.

Today we hear the Word of God very much as a call to get our ‘love life’ in the right order. To get the sequence right. Stability requires us to love in a particular order. When you build a house you have to build from the ground up and in a particular order. You can’t put the roof in before the walls. So what is the right order for a disciple to build his or her life? Which sequence leads to stability? The one Jesus proposes in the Gospel is: love God with everything you’ve got. Love your neighbour as yourself. Love God, love others, love yourself. In that order.

First of all the word love, which can mean different things to different people. In the Jewish context love and hate meant attachment and detachment. And ‘neighbour’. The word in Hebrew shares the same root as the word ‘brother’. For Jesus anyone you meet is a neighbour. So: Love Jesus first, Others second, then Yourself. J.O.Y. A stable life is built on love, in the order God intended it.

So try JOY in your life. Try building your life in that order:

Jesus first

Others second

Yourself then.

So let’s get practical with this. Find someone this week to share love with. Put them first, before you. Think of a way to love them. Some maybe might call it a random act of kindness. It can even be a not-so-random act of kindness. It is ok to be intentional about being good. Let them know that they are loved. By you and by God. To help you we will give you a JOY card. Leave it behind wherever you do your loving act. Or hand it over to the person. Who knows maybe that person might be inspired to do the same and you will have started a chain of neighborly love.

Find joy in building up your life in the right sequence of loving Jesus, loving others and loving yourself.

Get your J.O.Y. cards in the Parish office. Take as many as you can and share. Spread the news, the love, the JOY, Jesus to Others by You.

From your pastors:
Fr. Toochukwu and Fr. Anthony.

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